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Forum for personal development


декември 17, 2015


On 16/12/2015, at the Skopje Fair held “Forum for personal development”, organized by the Business Center in Skopje Planning Region, the Municipality of Aerodrom and the Association for Research, Communication and Development “Public.”
The program can be traced to three presentations by two renowned experts in personal development, from Jud Dolphin and Katerina Angelovska.
US expert on organizational development, Jud Dolphin, the attention of the audience focused on how to properly manage their time, and “mapping” of the brain, which is the tool that can increase their ability to solve problems, and move forward.
Katerina Angelovska, certified trainer principles for success in the method of Jack Canfield, whose vision is “Success without borders”, said that people should strive to be the best version of theirselves, to find the size and power in itself, and live life in harmony with love and joy.
“Everything that happens to us in life is fate that we ourselves create and everything is as it should be. Success does not mean you have success, it means how you feel, how you feel now and here that the desire for a certain mission, it will achieve, “she said.
With presentations pursued it at present to increase your confidence and belief in your own inner voice, easier to face the daily challenges and to recognize and realize their ambitions, goals, dreams.
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