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XX Session of the Council for development of Skopje region


февруари 21, 2013


The items on the Agenda of 20th Session of the Council for development of Skopje region were:

  1. Promotion of the project: Mapping cultural and natural heritage in Skopje Region;
  2. Adoption of the work and the financial report for 2012 of the Centre for Development;
  3. Adoption of the Progress Report of the Programme for development of Skopje Region in 2012 (projects implemented under the program);
  4. Adoption of the Action Plan for 2013 (projects that are planned to be realized in 2013. regional character.

At the Session, the President of the Skopje Region, Mayor Sokol Mitrovski, provides Certificate of gratitude to the members of Council l- the Mayors, for the great contribution to the implementation of the program activities, and for the support in achieving the objectives of balanced regional development in Skopje Region.

1) Promotion of the Project: Cultural and natural heritage in Skopje region

The Council for development of Skopje region compoused of the mayors of 17 municipalities and the city of Skopje is activly working on creation of conditions for development and promotion of natural and cultural-historical heritage on the teritory of all municipalities included in the Skopje region.

Taking into account the naturally attractive, socio-cultural, communication and transport, spatial and other conditions available to the Skopje Region, there are real opportunities for the successful development of tourism as an attractive industry.

The main objective of the Skopje Region is to increase awareness of foreign and domestic tourists to the tourism potential available to the region. This situation brought about the necessity of mapping the natural and cultural-historical heritage in Skopje Region.

With the implementation of the project, a  Study for mapping  and promotion of natural and cultural historical heritage in Skopje Region has been create, which embodies all the information pertaining to 320 mapped objects of cultural heritage and about 20 sites and areas of natural wealth. The study is intended to meet the cultural, scientific, educational, religious, economic, tourist and other needs of the citizens and society; while the ultimate goal is the transfer of cultural heritage to future generations.

Also, a map of the Skopje region with all 17 municipalities in the region was made, which marked all objects, sites and monuments of cultural and natural heritage.

A brochure with the most important buildings and sites from all 17 municipalities has been design, as well as an interactive web site ( at which one can get all the information about the overall cultural and natural heritage. Web site presented cultural and natural heritage for each municipality separately.

Overall promotional material will be available at the Info desk of Tourism of the City of Skopje (located in the city downtown), the municipalities, as well as in hotels and travel agencies in order to increase information to visitors.

The project is funded by the Government of the RM in accordance with the Regional Development Programmed for 2011, as well as the budget of the City of Skopje and Centre for Development of Skopje Region. The project is implemented in partnership with all 17 municipalities and the City of Skopje.

2) Working and financial report for the Centre for Development work was unanimously adopted by the members of the council, although constantly in the last year all the decisions for the implementation of the activities were verified during the sessions held.
3) Progress Report on the implementation of the Skopje region Development Programme contains projects that are realized in Skopje region, and had regional significance as local roads and pedestrian and bicycle paths, construction of water treatment plants and water supply, promotion of investment and tourism potentials in the region and so on.;
4) The Action Plan for implementation of projects in 2013 of regional character was adopted. The projects are focused on improving traffic solutions in the Skopje region, environmental protection, regional waste management, editing and cleaning riverbeds, promotion and support of tourism, and so on.




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