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Waste management and inter-municipal cooperation


февруари 21, 2013


On May 27, 2013 (Monday) in the premises of the Skopje Fair, Diplomatic Hall was held a meeting for exchange of experiences in the area of ​​waste management and management and inter-municipal cooperation aimed at strengthening the regional waste management structure. The unit was organized by the Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning in cooperation with the Center for Development of the Skopje Planning Region.
At the meeting, besides the Mayors and the directors of the public utility companies from the Skopje planning region, guests from the local self-government of the Netherlands, the deputy mayors, the director of the regional communal enterprise GAD and the director for development of innovations in the GAD were also present.
The meeting was opened by Mr. Sokol Mitrovski, President of the Council for Development of Skopje Planning Region, and Mrs. Ana Karanfilovska Maznevska from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.
The Director of the Center for Development of the Skopje Planning Region, Ms. Aneta L. Ravvlinson presented the National and Regional Structure, the creation of an intermunicipal network and waste management in the Skopje planning region, and Ms. Ana Karanfilovska Maznevska presented the legal obligation for regional waste management. Then the director of the regional utility company GAD presented the current situation with waste management in the Netherlands and said it was too early.
Finally, the experiences between the representatives from the Dutch GAD region and the representatives from the Skopje region were exchanged.



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