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Successful implementation of the project "Establishment of a waste management system for packaging waste, batteries and electronic waste"


ноември 28, 2018


The Center for Development of the Skopje Planning Region successfully implemented the project “Establishment of a system for managing packaging waste, batteries and electronic waste” in the Skopje planning region, in cooperation with Go Green, financed by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning . The goal of the project contributed to the development of public awareness about the negative consequences and impacts on the environment due to improper treatment (dumping) of waste in the three municipalities.
The project was implemented in three municipalities, the Municipality of Arachinovo, the Municipality of Studenicani and the Municipality of Zelenikovo, with the aim of:

  • Developing public awareness about the negative consequences and impacts on the environment due to improper handling (sorting) of waste
  • Establishment of a waste management system
  • Establishing institutional cooperation in the direction of collective waste management

Waste is one of the major environmental problems in many European countries, even in the Republic of Macedonia. Taking into account the fact that the quantities of waste are constantly increasing, the necessity for educating the population, and especially education of the youngest age, for its selection and recycling, as well as for the establishment of waste management systems, is of vital importance for the protection of the environment environment, reduction of pollution and protection of the health of citizens.
The largest part of the waste in the Republic of Macedonia is deposited in the legal as well as in the illegal-so-called illegal landfills. Proper waste management and recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste in legal landfills and the complete eradication of illegal dumpsites in the Skopje region, which would consequently reduce the pollution of soil and air in the city.
Proper waste management contributes to the conservation of natural resources, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change, thus enabling the preservation of a healthy and green environment for future generations.
Waste is a major problem for many local governments. With proper strategy and implementation, and with continuous training and raising awareness of the citizens about the importance of waste recycling and waste management can enable further growth and development of the local community and will contribute to better living conditions of the population in those municipalities.
In that direction, organizing an educational campaign for the proper selection of electronic waste and handling it as well as establishing a system for managing batteries in a recycling basket in the territory of the three municipalities takes the right step in promoting the education of children and raising the awareness of the population in the protection of the environment.
The positive results of this project are an incentive to educate children about the importance of proper selection and recycling to be implemented in all other municipalities in the Skopje planning region.
We congratulate the schools participating in this project for the achieved results, and I hope that they will be taught the other students and teachers in their schools.



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