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Reconstruction of part of the access road to the recreation center "Teferich" – Phase 2


јули 18, 2017


The realization of the project “Reconstruction of part of the access road to the recreation center” Teferich “- Phase 2 is ongoing.. The funds are provided by the Regional Development Bureau (BRD) / Ministry of Local Self-Government (MLS) in accordance with the programme for regional development for 2017. The bearer of the project is the Center for Development of Skopje Planning Region, and the partners are the municipalities: Kisela Voda, Sopiste, City of Skopje.
The funds for realization of this project are in the amount of 5.539.797,00 denars, where the Municipality of Kisela Voda co-finances 1 091 340,00 denars from its budget.
On this move, a new asphalt will be installed, sidewalks will be constructed which will be paved with beechton plates, the road will be expanded, and 500m long illumination will be provided. This road is of great importance for the municipalities of Kisela Voda and Sopiste, because it allows residents of these municipalities to have a better connection with the central city area, and also for other residents of the Skopje region, who will be provided with improved infrastructure one place for picnics and recreation.
Contractor of the works on the road is Fabrika Karpos AD Skopje.
The Center for Development of Skopje Planning Region as carriers of the project “Reconstruction of the access road to the recreation center Teferich” through the Ministry of Local Self-Government (MLS) / The Bureau for Regional Development (BRD) for both phases with a total length of 1000 m, ie 1km total has provided funds in the amount of 11,000,000.00 denars.
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