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CDSPR in an unequal position among the other regional centers in Republic of North Macedonia for using the funds from the IPA program for cross-border cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo


March 19, 2022


At the Consultative Forum: IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program, Kosovo & North Macedonia held on 16.03.2022 in Pristina, in the context of the preparations for the announced call in the section provided for questions and discussion, the question regarding the possibility of regional development centers to be the leading applicants in the structure of the partnerships, to the answer given by the project manager of the European Commission Mr. George Papagiannis, a remark was given by the Minister of Local Self-Government of North Macedonia, Mr. Goran Milevski, who pointed out that if the delegation is not ready to respond, to incorporate the remark of the director of the Center for Development of Skopje Planning Region, Mr. Ljupco Kec Mickovski in the upcoming call and to enable the centers of planning regions to apply.

The details regarding the question are given in the separate quotes, determined by the minutes in the original video:, posted on the FB page of the IPA CBC Program Kosovo – North Macedonia 2014 – 2020

Ljupco Kec Mickovski, Director of CDSPR (Question from 50:28 to 51:43), quote:

“Distinguished Ministers, Distinguished Mayors, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Ljupчоo Kec Mickovski, Director of CRSPR, thank you for the invitation. I want to ask if the Centers for Development of Planning Regions will have the opportunity to apply for this call with a short explanation: Last call we as the Center applied with a project and were rejected because we are not registered, we are not a local government. Namely, the centers are registered as local self-government and in the central register of RS. In Macedonia, we are registered with the activity “local self-government”. The reason was not clear to me, so we complained to the Office of the European Union, we complained to the Ministry, and I want to ask here because the purpose of the forum is to answer me: Are we as centers, because we are visible in this program, so I am talking about the Center for development of the Skopje planning region on my behalf, I believe the other centers will be interested, whether we will be able to apply for this call as main applicants, thank you.

To which Mr. Georg Papagiannis gave an answer in which he again referred to the information from the Guide for the new call, for which he pointed out that there is a rulebook and that this call is different from the others for which his Guide (Guideline) should be read. the remark from Minister Milevski, that if the office is not ready to install the complaint by the director Mickovski.

Mr. Georg Papagiannis’s answer in full is 52:00 to 53:15 in the video from the link.

Minister Milevski, note (53: 23 – 54: 29), quote:

“Because somehow we do not give correct answers to the mayors, and they have come for that, for the new call that will be announced in a few days, and I do not know if the delegation is not ready yet, but even if it is not ready, this remark of the director of The Skopje planning region because, now you are not ready to fully implement the call, and to enable the planning regions to apply, because they have that opportunity with the program with Greece, with Bulgaria, the planning regions are equal to the municipalities and apply, so since I hear that the call is not ready for you, as soon as it is not ready you can incorporate these remarks from the mayors and the planning regions and not wait for them to be or not, now, to be a surprise, but to be incorporated, for so that the planning regions can apply, that is one of my remarks or recommendations.

In the context of the expediency of the consultative forum held in Pristina, on March 16, 2022, which was attended by the Minister of Local Self-Government of R. Kosovo Mr. Elbert Krasniqi, Minister Goran Milevski, as well as the mayors from both sides of the border regions, the focus was on nurturing and strengthening the cooperation of the municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo and the municipalities of the Republic of Northern Macedonia within this program. The Minister Mr. Krasniqi pointed out that the fifth call for proposals, which will be announced soon, reached a financial value of about 3 million euros.

On the other hand, Minister Milevski thanked Minister Krasniqi for the household, emphasizing that cross-border cooperation is a priority of the Ministry of Local Self-Government of Northern Macedonia, precisely through the implementation of these useful projects in the municipalities of our two countries.



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