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Construction activities – recreation center Teferich


October 10, 2016


Construction activities for reconstruction and expansion of part of the road that leads to the recreation center Teferich are ongoing activities in this period. Mayor of Kisela Voda and Head of the Centre for Development of Skopje Planning Region today outreach conducted an insight into the realization of this project e of great importance for the municipality of Kisela Voda, but also for municipality of Sopishte because local road Teferich connects these two municipalities passing through their outlets. Traffic significance has been sharpened because it serves to connect the downtown area with the regional road Kozjak, which includes the traffic flows around the region and state. The reconstruction takes place on the streets "Mariovska" and part of the street "Hristo Tatarcev" up to fusion of the reconstructed street near the church Teferich. There will placed new asphalt, sidewalks will be developed that will be paved with block paving slabs. Also, the road will be expanded, and then the ligting will be set. Construction work should be completed by the end of the year.

A project that was initiated by the Municipality of Kisela Voda, is manageed by the Centre for development of the Skopje region. Partners of the project are Kisela Voda, City of Skopje and municipality Sopiste.

Funds that Kisela Voda applied through the Department for local economic development, are provided by the Bureau for Regional Development (BRD) / Ministry of Local Government (MLG) according to the regional development program in 2016 and the budget of the municipality of Kisela Voda.



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