Preparation for establishing integrated and financially sustainable system for waste management in the Skopje planning region

In connection with the preparation of the Regional Plan for Waste Management (RPWM) for Skopje Planning Region, which is made by Enviroplan S.A., (Team Leader) in consortium with LOUIS BERGER, BiPRO GmbH, EPEM S.A., SRL Consulting Limited ( Partners) within the project “Preparation of necessary documents for establishing integrated and […]

Co-financing grants for company start-ups start-up and spin-off.

On 22/6/2016 at 10:00-14:00 – in Business Hall of Skopje Fair will be held informative event organized by the Business Center at Centre for Development of Skopje Planning Region and Fund for Innovation and Technology development. The purpose of this event is informative explanation of how to apply the third […]

Workshop on the theme: Preparation of regional innovation strategies in the planning regions

On 22/4/2016, starting at 11 am at the Skopje Fair in Diplomatic Hall held a workshop on preparation of regional innovation strategies in the planning regions. The purpose of this workshop is Skopje planning region to get a regional strategy for innovation. Regional innovation strategies are developed and implemented with […]

Forum for Personnel Management

FORUM FOR PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Date: 11 -12 November 2015 (Wednesday and Thursday) Place: “Skopje Fair – Diplomatic Room” – Skopje Experts, representatives of banks and managers of human resources of “The Forum for Personnel Management”, held on 11 and 12 November at the Skopje Fair, discussed the challenges and opportunities […]

Forum for personal development

On 16/12/2015, at the Skopje Fair held “Forum for personal development”, organized by the Business Center in Skopje Planning Region, the Municipality of Aerodrom and the Association for Research, Communication and Development “Public.” The program can be traced to three presentations by two renowned experts in personal development, from Jud […]


Notice for public hearing and public scrutiny of the draft report on strategic assessment of the environmental impact of the Project on infrastructure regulation and regulation on the part of the river bed of the river Lepenec from the boundary of the GUP of the City of Skopje to the […]

Invitation for the two-day Forum for Personnel Management

Dear all, As a result of long-term cooperation between the Business Center of Skopje Planning Region and Association of Chambers of Commerce and the Municipality of Aerodrom, we invite you to take part in the Forum for Personnel Management. The program of this two-day event will be able to follow […]

The needs of start-up companies in Macedonia

INVITATION For participating in the promotional information event On 16/10/2015, Skopje Fair and h. Continental, Skopje at 11:00 to 14:45 pm. Dear Business Center of Skopje planning region in cooperation with the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, within the Forum for Innovation and Technology, held on TEHNOMA 2015 invites […]

Public Announcement

On 5/10/2015 will be held Xth session of the Council for development of Skopje planning region in hotel “Kamnik”. The Session, which will begin at 11:30 am, will be attended by Mr. Wouter Plomp, Netherlands Ambassador in Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Temelkovski, Deputy Minister in Ministry of Environment and Physical […]